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tv   [untitled]    January 17, 2013 10:00am-10:30am PST

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ensure the things that i want to accomplish in the next four years. >> mr. president nor the names on the roster. >> thank you colleagues. why do we go to general public comment. >> now is the opportunity to comment generally on items within the subject matter of the board. including the items on agenda comment is not allowed on items that already have public comments. please clearly state -- and remove the document when the screen returns to live coverage. >> (indiscernible)
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(speaking foreign language) the african-american center. i've been there. she said something else.
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i respect it and i liked it. she said to all of us that she wants to make it successful. she wants to make it successful like other people before her. she said if you want to support me, i can make everything possible to every one of my residence. i love her. take care for the people behind me. they are coming to give you ideas. and don't forget. we have supervisor who used to be here. today they're not here but they're still in the city. senator - (indiscernible) woman,
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lieutenant governor and the mayor and the sheriff. used to be in this room. -- (indiscernible) mr. president you asked me if you understand the english. i teach you arabian if you teach me english. nothing free in american. i love you. happy now year. i wish you would read my newspaper. >> president: i look forward to that joint education. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors. it is significant that with the new position of the podium
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the speaker can a longer see the computer or stop the clock. this is the first meeting of the new year, close to the time when newspapers review the previous year. let's take this opportunity to summarize the san francisco public library during 2012. the president of the library commission has been found guilty of official misconduct. this year it is finally unavoidable that the friends of the library are crooks and the continuing defense is exposed as self-serving, willful blindness. that that there was any credibility to lose. the city library has been found guilty of violating the sunshine ordinance and refer to the board of supervisors. attendance of the library commission meetings is so low that several
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would have been removed under the mayors announced attendance policy in the final months of 2012, a library commission only managed six meetings when the schedule called for nine. the whole schedule is below the attendance policy. as if to emphasize the complete collapse the only politically ambitious commissioners resigned a full seven months ago and the mayor has not been able to find a seventh person to join the lottery commission. there is no apology for the lack of honesty because no honesty is expected. the crooks just admit that their groups and it makes no difference. this should finally exposed once and for all -- direct attack on public policy. does not solve society's problems. the law cost more than the money. next speaker. >> ray hart,
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director san francisco open government i would like. two items that i would like on the screen until i remove them both. mary lee why do you have a double standard -- actions fell below the standard appropriate for a public official. the ethics commission recommended the mayor remove ms. gomez. the ethics commission sent a follow-up letter advising the mayor as to the reasons why he declines to take any action relation to ms. gomez contact. he refused to even acknowledge
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the recommendations regarding one of his appointed officials. well, boys and girls, can you spell the word hypocrisy? one of the things that i noticed, i served as a field election deputy person in the -- district in the 2008 elections. the hunters point, bay view community is traditionally and historically underserved. in the branch library improvement program of the 26 libraries, who got the last library after 10 damned years? bayview hunters point.
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those people should not trust you as far as you throw a rock. >> getting supervisors my name is andre -- i stay in district 6. i want to mention that next month is african-american hiv awareness month. i mentioned to a couple of members of the board; we will have a little function in the front of city hall, on the seventh, i think it starts at 4:30 and then we will march. and hopefully my supervisor will speak at it. i would be happy about that. on to serious note, a lot of things are going to be slung across his room, talking about the warriors. i am supportive of the warriors.
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i'm quite sure that a lot of the unions are in your pockets or in somebody's pocket because when they had the press thing with the mayor and his office i am quite sure that he five percent of the people standing up behind there were unions. everybody is not a union member. everybody does not have the knowledge of how to get into the union. a lot of people want jobs. i do want to go into construction that is not my field. a lot of people go into the welfare rolls, or people who own properties would love to get one of those construction jobs. when you are making this little deals, people like me don't want a construction job,
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but people like me interested in having a job and fulfilling the american dream also. >> thank you next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors, peter warfield, executive director of library users association. what the folks don't see when they watch these proceedings on video is the most unfortunate and i'm sorry to see it getting off to a bad start distractions that the supervisors create for themselves in order to avoid apparently having to listen to public comment. right now, supervisor wiener and mr. farrell are having a conversation instead of listening to the public. various of the other supervisors were talking with each other or texting, i think that is very unfortunate.
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i think i said last week that i hoped supervisors will pay attention to the public which they presumably serve. i hope that particularly the new supervisors don't get off on this bastard. i see that there is no clock going. if you could correct that for the public it would help particularly when you have an illegal two-minute time limit for the public and yank the plug after two minutes. it is good to honor gay folks but when there is an opportunity for fund raising by folks that have an inside track the same folks concerned about making good pr about gay things don't really care about other things. in the -- heights branch
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library a gay artist created a mural which was not only allowed destroyed, but some of the folks here actively participated in getting rid of. a bisexual singer on it in that mural wiped out. nothing remains. and multiracial mural that also honored women working gone without a trace, resumable to give the fund raising opportunities to a group that keeps collecting 80 percent of what it has collected in fundraising.
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>> the last time i was here i requested the board of supervisors to give us our three minutes. talking about muni, this and that because they have the time but what can you do? now, in district 10, in a school named after doctor martin luther king we have a principal to punish a child the principal sat on this child. the san francisco board knows about it. some of you know about it. they will have a press conference a few days from now and address the situation. i was here the last meeting where it two women from each chamber, each were talking and talking,
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appointing one another to be president. in the end they withdrew that because it was a farce. and you think the world is not looking at it. what type of process do we have in this chamber? what type of process? you reviewed your speech, see if you contribute directly to the constituents of san francisco. there are so many issues out there, important issues. what do you talk about? this that and the other which makes no sense. imagine if you're traveling from one place to the other and you know where you are going, to whatever. logistics. this is an international city that does not respect the first people.
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i can give you another 200 reasons, good stuff that we should do and not do thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon president chiu and supervisors. people will say and do a thing to get your money even a measly 100,000 like a trust fund. you might need a bodyguard no matter who you are. supervisor man, who can make the city tomorrow better, better like a dream. make a better turn it green, the supervisor man can. the supervisor man can because he makes is it was better and makes it look good. the city makes everything it takes
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and i don't know how you do it. talk about all your city wishes and then you are going to make it made my dishes. who can make tomorrow, make it real city clean and you are going to make it better it seems the city man can. the city supervisor woman in there can. people all the world joined hands. join the city love train. all of your brothers over in africa, tell all the folks in egypt, china, russia japan , don't mrs. train. i will tell supervisor london, don't miss this train.
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it comes r riding through the city. city love train. >> next speaker. >> tom gill berti (sounds like) -- i want to thank (indiscernible) for the rearrangement. this may be a work in progress; for some i can see the overhead, use the clock and see the mic. last session i was here with december before we took a break. it was mentioned that if you have a two-term life here, you will spend 20 days listening to us. mathematically that adds up to one day listening
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the public comment and 146 days something else before the next day public comment. it is not too much of a burden. the other thing about public comment is, well back ago a gal that appeared spoke about not changing the specifics of a certain part of what we were trying to do here. and i called up the next monday to find out what she was talking about. one person that answered the phone you heard that on public comment. do not listen to public comment. we just ignore public comment. that night on national television, abc, the next morning on national television, supervisor wiener's mini housings were up. next point,
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talking about reading the environmental impact reports. one of the things that you won't discover on the environmental impact report is anything about noise because it is not fair. and with eight seconds left i want to thank you for the two-minute time. i look forward to spending a little bit more time with you. thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> good evening. john -- san francisco. something you might want to think about. i call it the fanaticism of the one only truth. eventually would become so passionate about the cause we no longer can think straight. it becomes our identity. we cannot afford to lose it. we do not have any other.
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of course one person's opinion might be another's wrong. we believe ours is the only one. and all the others are a threat and must be eliminated at all costs. there is more than one truth; each can stand on its own, does not need to be a threat to one another depending on the degree of perspective. for the universe to work that must be compromise. you have no legitimate right to have it all your own way. we call that fanaticism, that can lead to violence. thank you for listening. >> next speaker.
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>> i am a resident of the north market neighborhood, around city hall here. i want to welcome our two newest supervisors. and one whose district borders in my neighborhood. i hope you do well with it. the previous resident was supervisor avalos. i do represent -- i try to work with the voters of that neighborhood consumers of government service and taxpayers. that group is not particularly well-organized. we try to piggyback our needs
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in the back of more well organized groups. there is a difference in our positions although subtle it has an impact on the outcome of services. i appreciate the discussion about the thirteenth amendment; there was a long period in history without an amendment of the constitution at that time; there was a divergence between provision of service and the needs of the time. we are in a similar time now. you have the louis armstrong airport, jfk. what happened to the george w. bush sewage treatment plant? >> next speaker. good evening ladies and gentlemen and the world it's almost like hollywood.
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i'm going to start my own television show, city hall. it's not silly. a lot of things going city hall, racism, discrimination, a lot of things. they even draw big -- here at city hall. right now i'm trying to get to something serious. i want to thank the new supervisors, particularly the supervisor of this district. i'm here to make a notice to the city, the world that we here in san francisco, the african-american black negroes are in a state of emergency. we are in a state of emergency because our population has gone down. district 5, 10, 6, which have a
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lot of the african-americans in there, i see them coming together bringing this issue to the fore. someone like myself files an injunction to find out what the problem is that city hall. you are not paying attention to something they study for many years. you admit that you are doing it. you have the mayor creating another monster without the community participation, without really seeing what happens to district 5. i know our supervisors will bring that up. she is also involved with the migration. you did not know that. she brought it to mayor newsom to do a study. that's all the time of got? thank you. >> thank you next speaker.
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>> (video playing) it is one thing to unanticipated death because of old age or sickness. it is quite another to experience a sudden violent death
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of a loved one. >> why do we hear from the next speaker and then go back to you. >> good evening. i will like to thank the 11 supervisors paying attention. i'm one of your bosses. listen real good. lance armstrong has proven to be a disgrace. he finally told the truth i am waiting along with others whether the city attorney herrera and sean --
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will start telling the truth. we want to know what the real residence was in 2008, don't do the lance armstrong because it did not work for him. mayor lee, what would you do about -- and alvarez. number three, is the board of supervisors and the mayor's office will support the reason federal child porn investigation and prosecution in california? the answer is no. are you going to support child porn? put your money where your mouth is. next california, you know it is spelled california. is coming to san francisco?
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only you know the answer. the last headline in the chronicle, sf scientist resigns after faking data. truth is very elusive in san francisco. sooner or later people that lie will pay the ultimate price. lance armstrong, even i loved you. he disappointed me. you proved me right. >> thanks next speaker. >> if you could good please pull the microphone.
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i'm a mother who lost a child to homicide. (video) it is one thing to anticipate a death because of old age or sickness. what another to experience a sudden violent death of loved one. 68 homicides last year. that is what mothers are left with every year. (shots fired) >> since


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